Saturday, November 30, 2013

skulls on skulls

maybe i should rename my blog "our heroine's skeleton printed garment emporium"?

now with 100% more blonde and 30% more channelling joan holloway!

hot off the sewing machine is my first ever 100% completed burdastyle pattern, the paneled pencil skirt #116, made from a cut of the alexander henry skullfinity print thats been chilling in my stash. i have to say, i am in love with this pattern! the design is interesting and flattering on a rectangle-y body type, and was super simple to sew up (although, full disclosure, i did not have to do any mental gymnastics with the fit).

it matches especially well with tshirts that also feature a spiral motif :)

i can't really decide if this skirt is totally successful or not though; it seems a tad busy with the style lines and the print and the piping, or maybe im just overly sensitive to anything thats brighter than a dark grey. i guess i could always stick it in some purple fabric dye to tone it down if i find it heading towards the back of the closet :). the biggest challenge in sewing this was that i found the print a bit difficult to place right, because lets face it, nobody wants the illusion of skulls getting sucked up into any part of their nether regions…i think shrine of hollywood was on to something with their treatment of the print, they pleated the fabric so that the pattern's perspective effect was broken up:

image via shrine of hollywood

but anyways! as far as changes to the pattern, i hacked off a good 7" from the hem and another 1.5" from the waist because i'm short, and opted not to work the vent back in which makes climbing stairs in this a little tricky. i also added black piping into the curved and back seams, causing some misery when installing the invisible zipper, but it was totally worth it. the skirt is lined because of the fitted cut + lightness of the cotton, and the hem is finished off with some bias tape because after getting the print to sit right there was no room for even a hem facing!

please excuse the terrible lighting in these pictures…the sun starts to go down at approximately 3pm here now :\

i definitely would make up this pattern again, maybe in a maroon solid wool with leatherette piping (and about three cocktails at the ready for that invisible zip install :p ). but it'll have to wait until after coats and holiday dresses and all the fun sparkly things im working on right now :)


  1. It may be a little busy, but I love it as-is. I love how the bias-trim hem looks.

    1. haha, thanks! :) the bias tape hem is much more lightweight than a proper hem finish, ive been trying to think of other garments where it would work because its super fast and easy :)

  2. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. If this ends up in the back of the closet, I just might cry. I'm pretty sure I can relate to you on prints though--they terrify me a little bit.

    1. ahh youre so sweet, thank you :) :) i totally have a bit of the print-fear, though its definitely because i haven't used prints enough to have a strong idea of what is genius and what is an inappropriate use of novelty cat print ;p